Charity: Religion, Spirituality, and Finance

Person engaged in charitable activities

The intersection of charity, religion, spirituality, and finance is a significant area of study that examines the multifaceted nature of philanthropy. This article explores the intricate relationship between these dimensions by examining their influence on individuals’ charitable behavior and financial decisions within various religious and spiritual contexts. To illustrate this …

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Finance: Integrating Religion and Spirituality for Financial Wellness

Person meditating with financial documents

In the pursuit of financial wellness, individuals often overlook the role that religion and spirituality can play in shaping their relationship with money. While finance is typically associated with numbers, calculations, and rational decision-making processes, there exists a growing body of research highlighting the significance of integrating religious and spiritual …

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Donation in Religion and Spirituality: The Financial Aspect

Person holding donation box, smiling

In the realm of religion and spirituality, donation plays a significant role in supporting the operations and activities of religious organizations. The act of giving financial contributions has deep roots across various religious traditions, with believers willingly offering their resources to sustain the spiritual community they are part of. For …

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Tithe: The Intersection of Religion, Spirituality, and Financial Contribution

Person engaged in religious activity

The practice of tithing has long been a cornerstone in many religious traditions, serving as an intersection between faith, spirituality, and financial contribution. Tithing refers to the act of giving a portion of one’s income or possessions to support the work of a religious institution or community. This article explores …

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Offering: The Intersection of Finance, Religion, and Spirituality

Person meditating in front of charts

In recent years, the intersection of finance, religion, and spirituality has gained significant attention in both academic and professional circles. This convergence highlights the complex relationship between economic activities, religious beliefs, and individuals’ spiritual aspirations. One notable example that exemplifies this connection is the practice of “offering” within various religious …

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Faith-Based Investing: Combining Religion, Spirituality, and Finance

Person reading religious finance book

Faith-based investing, also known as ethical or values-based investing, is an emerging trend in the realm of finance that combines religious beliefs and spirituality with investment decisions. This approach seeks to align financial goals with moral principles by selecting investments that adhere to specific religious teachings or ethical guidelines. For …

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Religious Tax Exemption: Finance in Religion and Spirituality

Person reading religious tax laws

The religious tax exemption is a topic that has sparked much debate and controversy in recent years. It refers to the special status granted to religious organizations, allowing them to be exempt from paying certain taxes on their income and property. This financial privilege has been justified by arguments such …

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